Northeastern Forestry Concepts, Inc. 

Our company has designed a tiered group of services specifically oriented to meeting your farmland assessment needs.  We currently manage over 335 tracts of land in New Jersey.  Whether you need us just to complete your annual forms or cut and remove firewood we can do it all and value all of our clients the same.  For every client we fully process and review your yearly tax forms, create a digital copy, and mail them to the tax assessor and NJ Forest Service with signature confirmation.

Silver Service      

You complete all on-site activities.  We generate an annual site map, sign and file your tax forms ( $120.00 / yr.), and mark timber stand improvement ( $120.00 / yr ).  Typical average cost is $240.00 / yr.

Partial Service     

A la carte services based on rate schedule.  Good for Silver Service clients who do not want to cut trees down. Typical cost is $650.00 / yr.  

Gold Service    

We complete annual cutting of trees to firewood length, posting of property lines every two to three years, tax form completion and filing, and inspections with NJ Forest Service.  Cost is $910.00 / yr. ( 2.5 - 4 cords )       

Platinum Lite Service

This service includes all of the benefits of Gold Service as well as moving the cut firewood to a staging area designated by the landowner.  Cost is $1,295.00 / yr. ( 2.5 - 4  cords )  

Platinum Service

This service includes all of the benefits of Gold Service as well as removing the firewood and providing documentation of income to the landowner.  Cost is $1,515.00 / yr. after firewood credit. (2.5 - 4 cords)  

Removal of wood is completed with the least amount of impact as possible.  Northeastern Forestry Concepts utilizes our 'environmental logging' technique to protect the resources on your site.